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Long Island waterjet is a precision shape cutting shop located in the heart of Long Island,

This family owned and operated business was started over 17 years ago by owner Ron Dennison.


With a passion for metalwork throughout his whole life, Ron wanted to start something different after owning a welding shop for over 17 years. So, Long Island Waterjet was born. Without knowing much about waterjet machines, he took a leap into the new business, and 17 years later, here we are, a master of the trade. With being a small two man operation, we have two top of the line Omax waterjet machine centers than can cut virtually all materials, minus a select few up to 8 inches thick. We can turn your projects quickly and accurately.


We specialize in precision cutting of letters, signage, shapes, custom parts for trucks and cars, all the way to machine parts. If you can think it, chances are we can make it. We are always open to the public to walk in and we will do small runs or large quantities. We stock most common metals including steel, stainless steel, aluminum in various sizes and thicknesses to help with faster turnaround time for our customers projects. Please feel free to stop in and ask any questions you may have, or call us. We are always willing to try and lend a helping come on in to meet us, we are happy to show everyone our shop and what our machines are actually capable of!


We look forward to helping out with your next custom project!






Ron Dennison:

Owner, over 35 years experience in the metalwork industry and a vast knowledge of all materials, machinability, and computer drawing. You have a custom part to be done, Ron is your guy for the job! 






A.J. Dennison:

Shop Manager, with 10 years experience in the waterjet cutting industry, A.J. has a great deal of knowledge of computer drawing and materials. He is always ready and willing to help make your custom templates a reality! “We treat each project with the skill and care it deserves.”

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